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What happened to Hyundai IDEAL, are you still in business?

IDEAL Electric Company, formerly known as Hyundai Ideal, was purchased in 2017 by a group of American investors who saw its potential. We continue to grow daily as we refocus on what made IDEAL great to begin with: our incredible, knowledgeable, IDEAL workforce. We’re a hardworking group of people who pride ourselves on the century-old reputation of IDEAL Electric and the generations of great folks who got us to where we are today. You can learn more about our IDEAL history by viewing our company timeline here.

Has Ideal changed under its new owners?

Yes, we’ve changed to better serve our customers. IDEAL Electric has returned to its roots: real people doing the jobs they love. No silly bureaucracy – just clear external and internal communication ensuring that we deliver on our IDEAL reputation.

Where are IDEAL products manufactured?

IDEAL Machines and Parts are all manufactured in the United States. We have two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Mansfield, Ohio, and Houston, Texas. Both of our manufacturing facilities are outfitted with testing floors, allowing us to take your machine from a paper draft to test-certified all in the same location.

How Long Do IDEAL Machines last?

The longevity of a machine is directly linked to the quality of maintenance it receives. Though the average lifespan of a machine is about 20 years, there are IDEAL machines in the field still operating smoothly after 60 years of service. Enrolling in an annual IDEAL service plan for your machine is recommended so that you can hit the 60-year mark, too. IDEAL maintenance makes all the difference. Learn more about IDEAL Service plans here.

I'm Outside of the United States, can I still receive IDEAL support and services?

Of course! IDEAL Electric has local support services and workshops worldwide. We centralize our communication via IDEAL HQ to ensure top quality service, no matter where you are.

How much Does an IDEAL Machine Cost?

We offer customized bespoke machines that differ depending on our client’s needs. Though we cannot offer a single price for all IDEAL machines, we can use our expertise and know-how to provide clients with accurate quotes and prices straight away.

Does IDEAL keep an inventory of parts to ship quickly?

Yes! IDEAL Electric can quickly ship parts like rectifiers and surge suppressors directly from our stock. However, assemblies are not stocked because they are built at the time of order.

Can I order directly from IDEAL or do you have a distributor?

You can order directly from IDEAL Electric. We do not use distributors.

Do you accept credit cards and online payment?

IDEAL accepts all major forms of payment. You can pay online using your credit card via our payment portal.

Is there a processing fee for credit cards?

Yes. There is a 2.98% processing fee when paying with a credit card.



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