Eddy Current Drives


Ideal eddy current variable speed drives use constant speed electric motors and a DC magnetic field to reduce speed and generate incredible amounts of torque effectively. Our drives are intended to move high-inertia loads that frequently start and stop more efficiently than variable frequency drives (VFDs) are capable of. This incredible efficiency greatly reduces lifetime costs associated with energy and maintenance, often resulting in cost savings when used in place of VFDs.


Eddy Current Drive Features

Ideal Electric Eddy Current Drives are widely used as a cost-effective method for the variable sped control of AC motors in large-scale applications. They provide smooth, stepless, and precise speed control in addition to high overload capacity capabilities and incredible longevity. Either squirrel cage induction or synchronous motors are compatible with Ideal Eddy Current Drives. 

Drive speed can be controlled manually or automatically. Manual control is achieved by simply turning a rheostat, whereas automatic operation can be governed by liquid level, pressure, temperature, frequency, or by an electronic signal from suitable circuitry. 

Ideal Eddy Current Drives do not require high starting torque motors to function. In fact, the motor may be started at no load whatsoever. The load may be accelerated after the motor has reached full speed. Magnetic drives are well-suited for accelerating high-inertia loads, such as large flywheels and large-diameter fans.

Our Eddy Current Drives can be used to convert variable speed to constant speed. For example, they can change and unstable 50-cycle power supply to a stable 60-cycle source for computers and other precision power applications. 



Municipal and Industrial water and sewage pumping, flood control, the manufacturing of steel, paper, and other products which require large volumes of water under constant pressure with a wide fluctuation of flow requirements.

Driving Machinery

Drives of all types for use in steel mills, paper mils, cement mills, power plants, printing presses, metalworking presses, conveyors, and all types of automated machinery and other equipment. 

Fans, Blower, & Compressors

For driving equipment used for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning of buildings, factories, and mines.

Frequency Changers and Stabilizers

Ideal Electric Eddy Current Drives can be inserted between the drive motor and one or more generators in motor-generator sets to serve such varied purposes as to produce precise 400-cycle power, to convert unstable 50-cycle power to precise 60-cycle power, to convert unstable 60-cycle power to precise 60-cycle power, to produce adjustable frequencies for testing or for speed control, and to drive generators at a constant speed with expander engines in air liquefaction plants. 


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