Electric Generators


Nothing beats an Ideal generator. Fabricated in our state-of-the-art Ohio Works, Ideal generators are built to last. After all, Ideal is well-known for its reliable, efficient, and robust generators used in diesel engines, gas, steam, geothermal and hydroelectric installations. Our expert engineers and craftsmen have decades of experience developing custom generators for a variety of applications. At Ideal we have the resources to design, build, test, and install generators that provide you with the legendary quality that you’ve come to expect from us over the past 100 years.

Whatever your needs, our machines are Ideal.


Ideal Capabilities

up to 40 MW
480 – 15,000 VAC
25 – 400+ Hz
Fixed & Variable
2 – 160+
Vertical & Horizontal
Pitch & Roll
Military Standard
Cooling Method

Generator Applications


Ideal has the capability to produce powerful, rugged hydrogenerators for any environment. Our advanced Ohio Works testing floor allows us to develop fully optimized, highly efficient hydrogenerators for any power production scenario. We have the expertise necessary to develop hydrogenerators that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. That’s the reason Ideal hydrogenerators can be found worldwide, including at the Hoover Dam.


Ideal electric has the means to develop robust, highly efficient wind turbine generators. Following the significantly rapid evolution of the global wind market, Ideal continuously innovates and improves the generators that allow for clean, renewable energy. Be it induction, synchronous, or DC, Ideal can build the right generator for you. 


Harnessing power from deep below the surface, Ideal generators make it easy to produce clean energy. Regardless of the geothermal power plant configuration, Ideal creates incredibly efficient, cost-effective, highly flexible solutions to keep you generating power.


Ideal Electric has expert knowledge when crafting turbogenerators for use with gas or steam turbines. Our years of research and development have yielded innovative turbogenerators of all speeds, sizes, and applications. 

Variable Speed

Ideal’s variable speed generators optimize efficiency by allowing for variable speeds, meaning your machine can be tuned to fit the power source’s speed. These efficient machines yield incredible performance at every speed possible. 


Our expert IDEAL Electric Associates are here to support you in our Mansfield, Ohio, Houston, Texas and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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May 28, 1903; The Ideal Electric & Manufacturing Company is created out of the Card Electric Company in a 2,500 square foot converted horse carriage shop. The company built split frame motors for streetcars and elevators. A century of continuous innovation and corporate growth followed and in 2018 IDEAL celebrated 115 years under new, privately held, American ownership.


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