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Ideal has built electric motors for over 100 years and continues to innovate daily. Our advanced manufacturing facilities allow us to construct a wide range of motors for virtually any application. Expert Ideal engineers ensure that our motors are of paramount quality, built to exceed your expectations. Advanced construction techniques allow for vertical and horizontal designs, every enclosure type, support for driven equipment, and compatibility with the demands of variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.

Whatever your needs, our machines are Ideal.


Ideal Capabilities

up to 50,000 HP
480 – 15,000 VAC
25 – 400+ Hz
Fixed & Variable
2 – 160+
Horizontal & Vertical
Special Designs
Hermetic | Very Low Inrush

Motor Technologies

Induction Motors

Ideal designs and manufactures both squirrel cage and wound rotor induction motors. Our squirrel cage motors are built with sturdy copper bar rotors which, when combined with our conservative designs, rugged construction techniques, and engineering expertise, provide years of reliable service with extremely low maintenance requirements. These motors are available with various torque characteristics, and our low-slip, high-efficiency designs keep operating costs at a minimum.

Wound rotor motors are used in many applications where variable speed operation is required. The rotor windings are brought out through slip rings, and the motor speed is varied by adding resistance to the rotor winding.

Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors are well suited for a variety of applications, especially when high-efficiency and power factor are a concern. Our synchronous motors can be designed to operate at unity power factor or leading power factor when overall system power factor correction is desired.

Low starting inrush is another advantage of synchronous motors and starting torques adequate for most applications can be obtained by using special alloy squirrel cage windings. The elimination of brush maintenance makes brushless excitation the choice of most customers.

Brushless synchronous motors also have the adv of being able to operate in Class I, Division II hazardous environments. Our brushless excitation system includes all of the excitation control and field application equipment needed for sync and similar equipment can also be supplied with a static excitation system. Static excitation is also available and is generally more practical on low-speed motors where brush wear is not a problem.

Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnet synchronous motors have a variety of applications due to their high-efficiency and internal controls. Ideal is capable of constructing precise high and low-speed units that run cooler than induction motors, which translates to less maintenance for you. Our robust permanent magnet motors can lead to substantial long-term cost savings.

Wound Rotor

Wound rotor induction motors substantially increase a system’s ability to efficiently start high inertia loads while maintaining low inrush currents.


2-speed motors are suited for use in systems necessitating multiple speeds. Our 2-speed motors can be constructed as single or double-winding machines with any enclosure. Ideal can work with you to develop a machine that exactly fits your needs.

Switched Reluctance

Ideal switched reluctance motors are built to achieve maximum efficiency at incredibly high speeds. These rugged machines are flexible and highly reliable, regardless of operating speed, temperature, and supply voltage. Ideal switch reluctance motors are a fantastic cost-effective choice for anyone needing a motor that can do it all.

Pole Amplitude Modulated (PAM)

The PAM induction motor is a highly flexible single-winding, two-speed machine with a variety of applications. Unlike standard two-speed motors, pole amplitude modulation system speeds don’t have to be a 2:1 ratio configuration – which allows for a much wider range of use. 

DC Motors

In addition to AC synchronous and induction motors, Ideal also has the capability to produce DC systems, too. Our powerful DC motors include custom-made, separately and self-excited machines that cover a variety of applications.


Our expert IDEAL Electric Associates are here to support you in our Mansfield, Ohio, Houston, Texas and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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May 28, 1903; The Ideal Electric & Manufacturing Company is created out of the Card Electric Company in a 2,500 square foot converted horse carriage shop. The company built split frame motors for streetcars and elevators. A century of continuous innovation and corporate growth followed and in 2018 IDEAL celebrated 115 years under new, privately held, American ownership.


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