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IDEAL machines are built strong. We take great pride knowing that our Ohio Works manufactures the best machines on the market. Unfortunately, no machine lasts forever, and though IDEAL machines have a longer than average useful life, they’re no exception to this rule. With that in mind, we keep all original microfilms and drawings for every IDEAL machine. So, when the time comes to replace an IDEAL machine, we can do so with unrivaled speed and precision.

Fit & Function Replacements

We didn’t have to build your machine to know how to replace. After all, IDEAL ELECTRIC knows machines better than anyone in the industry. Our talented engineers use this knowledge to help replace legacy machines with higher-efficiency, rugged IDEAL models that are built to last. We certify that our replacements will fit perfectly into your existing setup – easily providing the dependable IDEAL functionality that you desire in place of your older, worn-out machine. IDEAL ELECTRIC is capable of replacing any brand of machine. Contact us to begin constructing your fit and function replacement machine.

Ideal has replaced the following brands

General Electric | Electric Products | Louis-Allis | Baldor Electric | Century Electric | Elliott Company | Allis-Chalmers | GE Canada | International Electric Corporation | Baylor | Westinghouse | Newage | Many More

Drop-In Replacements

IDEAL excels at fit and function replacements. For example, the adjacent slider depicts a fit and function wound-rotor induction motor drop-in replacement developed by our skilled team. Our engineers worked to redesign this decades-old Electric Products wound-rotor motor to address multiple issues the machine had. After updating the design and building a replacement, we stringently tested the machine to ensure it was up to our IDEAL expectations. Our client was able to provide input and watch throughout the testing procedure via IDEAL’s new Virtual Witness Platform – an audiovisual tool built to help us stay connected remotely.


Ideal Replacement Motor             Ideal Electric Testing

After: IDEAL Wound Rotor Motor
After: IDEAL Wound Rotor Motor
After: IDEAL Wound Rotor Motor
Before: Electric Products Motor
Before: Electric Products Motor

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Large specialty rotating machinery is built to endure. Sometimes this means that your legacy motor or generator might be outpaced by newer technology. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, IDEAL ELECTRIC  is happy to upgrade your older, workhorse machines so they can continue operating at peak efficiency well into the future. IDEAL ELECTRIC is capable of upgrading any desired aspect of your machine including brush to brushless conversion and bearing conversion.

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Our expert IDEAL Electric Associates are here to support you in our Mansfield, Ohio, Houston, Texas and our European bases. Give us a call or e-mail us today!


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May 28, 1903; The Ideal Electric & Manufacturing Company is created out of the Card Electric Company in a 2,500 square foot converted horse carriage shop. The company built split frame motors for streetcars and elevators. A century of continuous innovation and corporate growth followed and in 2020 IDEAL celebrated 117 years under new, privately held, American ownership.

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