Synchronous Condensers


Ideal recognizes the challenges of an ever-changing grid environment where voltage fluctuation, among other factors, can make it difficult to avoid instability or failure. Synchronous condensers provide a solution and allow for plant voltage stabilization and power factor correction. Ideal synchronous condensers adapt voltage inconsistencies or correct the power factor to make sure that your connection to the grid is secure, stable, and strong. When capacitors operate in a system with harmonics, their life expectancy is usually around 3-5 years or less. Alternatively, condensers have a life expectancy of between 20-30 years, greatly increasing the longevity of your system. Consider Ideal Electric synchronous condensers for power factor correction and voltage support.

Ideal Electric can provide a complete synchronous condenser package including the following:

  • Full-voltage or reduced-voltage starters
  • Starting Pony motors with variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Excitation equipment
  • Protection equipment
  • Condenser output breaker switchgear

Ideal Capabilities

Reactive Power Per Module
35 MVAr
Short Circuit Power 
To Specification
Overload Capacity
To Specification
Up To 15 kV
50 / 60 Hz
Cooling Method
Air or Liquid
Starting Method

Mechanical Features

Rotor Construction

Ideal synchronous condensers are produced using quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to optimize stability and allow high-performance under any condition. Vibrations are minimized with rigid frame construction and rotor pre-balancing. All rotor shafts are forged using high-quality steel. Ideal 4-pole designs use integral pole laminations that are bolted together under pressure before being shrunk-fit and keyed to the shaft.


Ideal Electric offers heavy-duty sleeve bearings as standard. Our bearing design can accommodate thrust, if required, and can be flood-oil lubricated or self-lubricated depending on the rating or application.

Electrical Features

Sealed Insulation System

Ideal Electric offers full Class F insulation, epoxy VPI system, from our in-house VPI facility.


Ideal Electric brushless exciters use a high-frequency design to ensure minimum ripple in the rectified DC current supplied to the condenser field and to provide faster response times. The AC current is rectified by hermetically sealed diodes, which can be fused and supplied in parallel for critical applications.


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